April 24th, 2020 edition. ISSUE III

“Make your wishes known, especially now during COVID-19 . . . “

Let’s show love for our families, respect for our hospital workers and compassion for ourselves and make our end of life wishes known in advance . . .

While we are social distancing in our homes, it’s time to have that conversation that most of us have avoided or didn’t even know we needed to have. Make an end-of-life plan, write it down, and have it available to discuss with your doctor. Even better, reach out to a lawyer and learn how to make your wishes legally sound so if there is any kind of dispute between family members, there will be a clear path forward.

The legal document that can help to diminish the uncertainty and anguish around these decisions is called the Advanced Healthcare Directive or just Advanced Directive, and it is a standard document prepared by your attorney in the estate planning process.

Give me a call and let’s do a Zoom meeting to prepare you for a meeting with your estate planning attorney, and if you need to choose an attorney, we can help you locate one that will meet your needs as well. Let’s take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis to stop postponing our trust and estate planning and spare our families a ton of heartache and expense later on.

One doctor recently reported, “In my COVID-19 unit, patients have ranged from age 18 to 103. It’s doubtful the 18-year-old had thought much about her mortality prior to this.” Let’s at least do the Advanced Healthcare Directive and do it for our families, as well as ourselves.

<strong>Be Well, </strong><br>Tom Somers
Be Well,
Tom Somers

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